Manny turned to find an exasperated Cassie stopped dead in the middle of the block.“Do you see what I’m wearing?” she said, pointing at her feet.

What he saw were a pair of glorified slippers, the kind his ex referred to as mules. Aptly named for a shoe that apparently mimicked the slow moving animal. Manny took in a deep breath trying not to sound annoyed and asked, “Why are you wearing chauffeur shoes?” 

“What?” she asked, with a confused look.

“What part of, Hey, we’re going to walk to the supermarket didn’t you get? Because those things on your feet are only useful if you have a chauffeur driving you around.”

“I had one….once,” Cassie said.

“Figures,” Manny huffed. “Come on. I’ll take the shopping cart.” He grabbed the handle and their fingers brushed. For a whisper of a moment he felt something. Something sexual? Nah, can’t be.

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