The Dancer – Excerpt 2

When Santiago realized, he wasn’t going to make it as a professional musician, he went into sales and worked at Tower records for years, until the digital age took over and big chain record stores were as extinct as the car phone.

“You need something, Gabby?”

She hadn’t heard her father come in and it startled her.

“Phil said you wanted to see me.”

Santiago thought for a minute. “Oh yeah,” he shook his head, “I did. It’s about the performance space downstairs.  Right now, we’re only using it on weekends, but it brings in a lot of business, and when I reviewed the numbers, it’s a money maker for us.”

Gabby didn’t understand where all this was leading, her father had never spoken to her about his business.

“I was thinking – you know must know a lot of modern dancers.”

“Yeah…” Gabby said, her response tentative.

“Well, do you think they’d want to use the space downstairs for small performances?”

Gabby didn’t know what to think. Her father’s store was a New York City landmark. But contrary to his remarks, the downstairs performance space didn’t add anything to his bottom line as she’d heard him tell her mother any number of times.

“Well? What do you think?” her father asked.

“Maybe,” she said, wondering what he was up to.

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