The Dancer – Excerpt 3

They headed upstairs to the coffee bar and sat beside each other in high backed stools. Gabby was so nervous she didn’t dare reach for the sugar packets for fear he’d see her shaking hands.

“Gabby isn’t it?” Alexander asked.

How had he known her name?

“You speak, don’t you?”

Staring into her coffee, Gabby nodded.

“So how do you like Copenhagen so far?”

“It’s nice. I haven’t seen much with all the rehearsals.” She picked off a piece of the almond on her croissant but didn’t take a bite. “But, if the rain lets up, I was going do some exploring.”

“Well, you’ve got an umbrella. Why don’t we explore together?”

Gabby felt sure she would hyperventilate. No man had ever paid attention to her. Dating had never been part of her plan. And her plan had been well mapped out from the beginning. Dance. More dance. And then, dance some more. 

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