Overheard Conversations

Location Manager waiting for the director to make a decision:  

Here’s the positive, I’m exercising so much self control right now that I think my abdomen is tightening up, I think I’m getting a six pack – I feel it – so I’m happy for this moment.


Line Producer:  If I win the lottery I won’t be coming back.

Me:  Really what will you do.

Line Producer:  I’ll call you.

Me:  What will you say?

Line Producer:  Something  came up.



Driving in traffic

Maria:  Yikes, it’s that time of year again!

Marisa:  What time is that?

Maria:    You know, Spring, new beginnings, thinking about all the things you’re about to change.

Marisa:    Oh yeah,  I’m going to get right on that.  What are you going to change?

Maria:    Right now, I’m going to change lanes..

(Music playing in the background, heads, bopping, fingers snapping, time passing.) 

Marisa:    Did you think of anything?

Maria:   I’ll let you know at the next traffic light…

traffic light change 

Marisa:    You were saying…

Maria:      About what?

Marisa:    Life altering changes,  the new beginnings, yada, yada, yada.

Maria:     Oh right.  Well for starters.  Deep breaths.

Marisa:   Why, practicing for something?

Maria:     Yeah, I’m going to start training.

Marisa:  Training for what?

Maria:    Going against the tide.