TV Production for the small, small screen

TV’s are getting bigger while television productions are gearing up for the smallest screen in the arsenal of viewing devices – the mobile phone.   Albie Hecht, the man behind SpongeBob SquarePants is rolling out his latest animated series Bigby to an iPhone near you.

Animation isn’t cheap to produce.  An episode of The Simpsons can cost as much as 3.5 million dollars.  An animated children’s television series is probably in the 200 – 400 thousand dollar range.  But producing for a mobile phone application is cheaper and easier to distribute.   At least that’s what Mr. Hect, former President of Nickelodeon Entertainment thinks.  As the mastermind behind bringing Jimmy Neutron to the web before debuting in the movie theater, Mr. Hecht is hoping his new series does well enough on mobile phones  to justify bringing it to television and then to the big screen.

Albie Hecht is one of many TV producers creating programming for multiple outlets, because traditional just isn’t enough anymore.   Mobile is the next step.  In fact I can imagine a 5 minute daily mobile reality show, or soap opera, or game show designed for the lunch crowd to enjoy while eating their tuna sandwiches.

Will Bigby be a hit?  It’s anyone’s guess.  However, I think the first hurdle to overcome is finding 8-10 year-olds that own a iPhone.