Twin Talk 006Love A Challenge – Don’ t You?
Love to mountain climb
Love to sky dive
Love to working on the next production challenge

I began my career as a dancer. Modern Dance. I went to the “Fame School”, the High School of Performing Arts and from there went on to graduate from The Juilliard School. I love dance, music, theater and film.

So what brought me to television and production? Blew out my knee.

Now, writing, producing and running a production is what gets my heart aflutter. The challenge and excitement that comes with having to create a new idea, a new show, a new script. The pressure of deadlines, hiring crews, managing talent, and finding that pink elephant to march down Times Square the day before a shoot – now that really gets my juices flowing.

Want to talk challenges? Let’s talk about being the Executive Producer for the first Italian Television Arts and Entertainment Network. When I was hired to be the EP for Cult Network Italia, I didn’t speak Italian, so I hired several producers who were bilingual and we managed and produced from NYC. I enjoyed every minute of it!

The perks; Producing great segments, traveling to Rome, eating amazing food, shopping – and oh yeah – winning the European Press Award for Best Cultural Channel.

Television Shows
Alaskan Women – TLC (in production)
Mother of All Talent (TVGN in production)
Celebrity Ghost Stories – Bio
The Haunting Of – Bio
Boston’s Finest – TNT
They’re Made – The Discovery Channel
The A-List – Animal Planet
TV Land Confidential – TV Land

Telly Award
CTAM Award
Promax Award
BDA Award
Best New Cultural Network (The Hot Bird Award)
Peabody Award

If you would like to reach me you can either click the envelope icon at the top of the page, or you can email me at

maria at marialokken dot com

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What the Press Says

Kids’ programming doesn’t get any better than PBS’ new Sunday morning science series “The Eddie Files.” An imaginative product from FASE Productions, the show is already a multiple award winner – including the Parent’s Choice Award and the Peabody Award.

…Series director Rob Mikuriya along with episode writers Kathie Heard, Steven Heard, and Rob Mikuriya (with teleplay by Maria Lokken and Jay Dorfman) for sure pay tribute to the science end of things, but in truth, it’s the series’ sense of humor – and its terrific use of actors the likes of Vincent Schiavelli, Jerry Stiller, Robert Klein and Raymond Cruz – that steals the show.
The Hollywood Reporter
Maria Lokken – Writer/Producer

Push Creative, New York, produced a series of vignettes celebrating Black History Month. …the company created spots honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King by showcasing young men and women discussing sensitive issues including stereotyping, bi-racial perspectives and acts of racism… Push Creative credits go to producers Deborah Davis and Maria Lokken.
Shoot Magazine
Maria Lokken – Producer
Winner Promax Award for Spike TV
Winner BDA Award for Spike TV
Winter CTAM Award for Spike TV

The Hot Bird Awards are the European Oscars for the best television programs transmitted by thematic satellite channels. The nominations were decided in Rome during the Eurovisioni Festival, the historic international film and television festival which began in 1987 as a means of attracting the public attention to the continental market for cinema and television producers. …Cult Network Italia (CNI) was the winner for the best cultural channel.
Eutelsat Press Office, Rome
Maria Lokken – Executive Producer

What Clients Say:

The greatest satisfaction I get – is from a job well done.  When the client is happy and says nice things -  well that’s just the icing on the cake, or the extra olive in the martini, or the free side of fries, heck – it’s the burger with everything.

Maria is a tireless, collaborative, creative and results-oriented television production executive who strives for 100% satisfaction in everything she does. Maria has unquestioned integrity in her work and focuses like a laser beam on getting the project completed on time and on budget. I would work again with her in a heartbeat.
Seth Levin
Senior Vice President, TV Land Business and Legal Affairs
MTV Networks

With Maria on the job, it always goes smoothly, from start to finish. On-time, on-budget and we have fun!

David P. Levin
Emmy Award Winning Director
Executive Producer, MTV Uncensored

Maria is a true Renaissance woman. She is very creative, but also very business oriented. She balances the two very well and wraps it up into a fantastic package. Romance Novel TV has taken off and is a great success. Her leadership, creativity and business acumen is something I admire and strive to replicate.
Sheila Clover English
CEO, Circle of Seven Productions

I cannot recommend Maria Lokken highly enough to suit her talents but for the sake of those who might otherwise miss the opportunity to work with this extraordinary woman, I will give it the old college try. The most compelling attributes that come to mind are Maria’s clarity of focus and no-nonsense approach to effectively managing people to achieve results. Maria doesn’t shy away from the big problems. In fact, she embraces them and rallies the necessary support to resolve them with great efficiency. She is a consummate organizer who doesn’t let personal concerns muddle the clarity of the mission. Maria understands her role and the roles of everyone else on the team and more times than not, she’s tasked with insuring those roles are fulfilled such that deadlines, budgets and deliverables are achieved with excelling overtones.

Would I hire her again? Absolutely. Would I recommend her to my most prized clients and business associates? Not if I can get her first. And that perhaps puts it in a nut shell: Snag Maria Lokken before someone else snags her first. She is at the top of her game and will help make sure you’re at the top of yours.

Rudy Gaskins
Emmy Award Winning Director
Creative Director, Push Creative

I have been in the production business for 20 years. Maria is an incredible producer by all standards. Her work ethic can not be matched. Her ‘Can Do’ attitude is backed with creative experience and she is an asset to every and any project she works on.

Beth Rothenberg
Vice President, Executive Producer
ADM Productions, Inc.






What the Press Says