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Scripted Shows Are Back. Yes!

Yo!  Housewives of Orange County take a seat.  Bachelor Mom’s go stand in the corner, Top Chef put down the knife.  It’s mid season and scripted shows are back.  One in particular has caught my eye and made me want to pull up a seat in front of the TV again – The United States of Tara created by Steven Spielberg and airing on Showtime Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.

Toni Collette (one of my favorite actresses) plays Tara a suburban housewife with four personalities.  Whenever Tara’s under too much stress, one of her other personalities take over.  Her husband, two teenage kids and sister are well acquainted with her alter beings and have learned to shift thier lives around each personality that seems to emerge without warning.

In addition to the fine acting from a very tight ensemble, it’s a well crafted script, with an impossible yet totally plausible plot.   United States of Tara is compelling television, exploring the what if’s of chucking it all when life just becomes overwhelming.

Showtime is offering an exclusive look at the premiere episode – so for those of you who don’t have the paid TV service – check it out here

Welcome back scripted TV.

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