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Branding Yourself

What’s a brand?  Well look around, they’re everywhere.  From Nike to Xerox and from Lifetime Television for women to ESPN the total sports network.

If you have any connection to the internet everything you say on the web becomes part of your brand.  If you’re on Twitter and you post tweets saying, “Just woke up I think I’ll have some donuts with my coffee” it can and will be Goggled.  That tweet will live longer than your children.  The writings of your daily blog will be etched in stone. We’ve entered a new age and everything you say and do brands you.

The good news is you have the chance to brand yourself the way agency creatives branded Nike, Wendy’s and Coke.

When you create a profile on Linkedin – think brand.  When you tweet – think about the fact that it will follow you to your grave and beyond.  Create a brand that’s smart, different, and interesting.  One that says, I go the extra mile, I think for myself, I’m a player but I also play outside of the lines.  In today’s market, you have to stand out, dare to be dangerous and even a little offbeat  – be a brand, not someone who just woke up and is looking for some donuts with their coffee, pretty much everyone else is doing that.

What do you want your brand to say about you?

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