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TV and Film People Break the Rules on Twitter

Social media experts have devised a formula for success on twitter: 70% sharing information with others, 20% engaging in conversation and 10% promotion.  I’ve never been one to follow rules – it’s  not that I generally work outside convention, but when I hear the words ‘should’ or ‘must’ I tend to closely inspect the source and see if it’s right for me before I blindly follow.  However, following is what it’s all about on Twitter.

I tend to follow TV production people and film makers.  I would definitely call this group ‘rule breakers’.  Seriously, can you make a film or television show without breaking some rules?  By nature, this is a group that likes to talk and needs a place to promote their work.  That’s why I follow this group, I enjoy the conversation and I want to know what’s happening in the industry.  When some of the people I follow converse 50% of the time, promote 30% of the time and share information 20% of the time, it doesn’t bother me – we’re creatives not mathematicians.

Without a little rule breaking I would never have seen the film “Snow Bunny” at the Queens International Film Festival last night by the talented filmmakers @kingisafink Jessica King and Julie Keck from Chicago. (It was great meeting you Jessica and Julie, nice to put faces to the tweets.)

I also wouldn’t have known that  @MatiasB just completed shooting a profile of the US alpine ski team that will air on NBC January 30th at 8pm.

I would never have had ‘conversations’ with TV producers @jokeandbiagio and discovered their terrific insights into making reality TV shows

I wouldn’t have discovered the truly remarkable viral distribution David Baker is creating with his film MissionX. @indiemoviemaker

And I wouldn’t have seen the very clever shorts created by filmmaker @philontilt

If you want to meet people in your industry, be inspired by others, then get on Twitter.  Break some rules, follow and unfollow people as you like.  And when you read about how things are ‘supposed’ to be done in a social media venue, be a creative, question it.  Is it right for you?

What has Twitter done for you lately?

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  1. david baker

    Thanks for kind mention. Totally agree! I can’t stomach people that say we must do it this way or that way. Even if I fail MY way

  2. Biagio


    We agree with you! There’s no “right” way to use Twitter. It’s about what works for you. Forget the math. Maybe some people will stop following you for being “unexpected” in your tweeting habits. Too bad for them. Use Twitter and give back as you see fit, and you’ll end up being a better contributer anyway, as opposed to someone who tires of doing math every time you want to tweet!

    And of course, thanks for the very kind mention!

  3. Biagio

    Crap! I forgot to say great picture of you, Julie, and Jessica! Wish we could have been there!

  4. Maria Lokken

    Biagio – meeting you and Joke on Twitter has been one of the highlights of being on Twitter.

  5. King is a Fink

    Maria –

    We’re still blown away that you came to our Snow Bunny screening on Saturday. Thank you for your encouragement and for mentioning us on your blog. Our plan is to make each successive film better so that we continue to earn your support and attention.

    Can’t wait to find you next time we’re in New York.

    Julie & Jessica

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