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5 Ways to Become a Producing Super Hero

Why do we love Superheroes?  Because they have the power to get things done.  We’re thrilled when they fly, we’re excited when they transform, and we cheer when they destroy evil.

Producers with superhero qualities create great shows and they work again, and again and again.  So what’s the trick to unleashing the superhero in you?

Never leave home without your cape

You can either scale a wall one brick at a time like a mere mortal, or you can strap on your cape and leap tall buildings with a single bound.

Let the world know you’re the type of producer that understands that nothing is impossible; in fact you eat challenges for breakfast.  You know what the goal is and nothing will stop you from achieving it.  That means making the tough decisions about schedules, budgets, hiring, firing, re-writes and negotiating with the network.  You’re willing to be the final word and take responsibility for the outcome.

Work with other superheroes
Would Batman work without Robin?

When putting your production crew together get the best.  Hire people you’ve worked with before, or those who have been recommended by someone you respect.  Hire experts who have a collaborative nature and be willing to listen to what they have to say.

ClarkKentHT65SMKnow when the production needs Clark Kent and when the production needs Superman
If everything is running smoothly, keep your glasses on, your tie in place and suit jacket buttoned up.   At the first sign of trouble be ready to jump into the phone booth and come out flying.

Always have three or four options kicking around in the event the schedule has to change, or the edit isn’t working, or the network isn’t happy with what you’re doing.  Don’t wait until the last minute, a good producer knows when it’s not clicking, trust your instincts and be ready to change on a dime.

A Superhero isn’t always a man of steel
Where would Spiderman be without his agility?

You must be able to listen and bend but not break.  Listening to what the network wants, as well as what your writers, director and editor have to say will keep the show on track.  You will deliver more than what the network expected.

Be a Superhero
If you want to be a producing superhero, then be a good producer.
•    Learn your craft.
•    Keep current with new technology.
•    Project the attitude you’d like to see in others.
•    Be kind, but be strong.

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