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Network Notes

I once had a Line Producer say they didn’t need to be on network calls because they weren’t involved with the creative.  To that I say, “poppy cock”.  The creative drives the production, and as far as you Ms./Mr. Line Producer are concerned ANYTHING that has to do with production concerns you.

Network notes alert you to:
1.     New scenes that may have to be shot – whether they are small pick-ups or massive re-shoots
2.     Major structural changes to an episode requiring additional edit time
3.     Changes to the musical score
4.     Re-writes

All of the above require time and money.  Hey you!  You are the keeper, watcher and manager of time and money on a production. So yes, network notes apply to you.  Changes in the creative apply to you.  During production, life in general applies to you.

Good luck, God Speed.

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