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Magic To Do

Line Producers are the magicians in the 3-ring circus that is Reality TV.  Sure, you’ve got your lions and tigers and bears (Oh My!)  But the Magician is worth the price of admission.

You want 25 actors in the middle of a desert surrounded by 1950’s automobiles with a kangaroo jumping up and down – Poof! We make it happen.  The talent doesn’t like their accommodations – Abracadabra – we make it go away and replace it with something FAB -u-lous.  The director can’t get the shot in time, presto-change-o we are gonna make sure the overtime is absorbed in the budget.

We try not to let you see the sweat under our cape– but sometimes the magic we’re asked to perform is gosh darn sweat worthy.  We are the masters of illusion – don’t forget that.

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