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Make a Decision

You wake up.  That’s a decision.  You brush your teeth.  That’s a decision.  You put on your jeans go out and order a triple-shot-decaf-vanilla-extra foam-hot latte.  BAM! Another decision.   With at least 10 decisions made before you come to the office  why does it take you hours, days and sometimes weeks to make decisions that affect production and in turn the bottom line?

Decision-MakingEvery minute you wait to decide if you should fly in a DP or use someone local,  the fare goes up.  Each time you mull over whether you should hire a particular editor, someone else booked him.  Each hour that passes with the wrong producer in place – BAM, BAM, BAM, you’ve lost thousands.  And now production is running in crisis mode, moving money around, slashing, hacking and burying bodies.  It doesn’t need to be this stressful.  Come on, wake the fuck up.  Make a decision.

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