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Why Destroy Wednesday Worrying About Friday

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How much time do you spend worrying? Whatever it is; work, romance, parenting, aged parents, money, diet?  Anything that gets you off living today is a worry.

If you spend your days mashing things around in your mind… you’re in for it.  Those are the things that will take seed and grow until poof – one day they’re bigger than a chia pet.  They will pop out of your skull and take on a life of their own and start walking beside you like an uninvited co-worker on your quick trip to the salad bar for lunch.  Just tell them to stay put and shut up.  You actually have the power to do that.  You’re not really weak.

Why destroy Wednesday thinking about Friday.  I read this line in a book by Maeve Binchy.  It got me thinking.  Be here.  Be now.  Care.  Do your best.  Live life today.

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