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Manny turned to find an exasperated Cassie stopped dead in the middle of the block. “Do you see what I’m wearing?” she said, pointing to her feet.

What he saw were a pair of glorified slippers, the kind his ex-girlfriend referred to as mules. Aptly named for a shoe that apparently mimicked the slow moving animal. Manny took in a deep breath, holding his annoyance at bay.“Why are you wearing chauffeur shoes?” 


“What part of, Hey, we’re going to walk to the supermarket didn’t you get? Because those things on your feet are only useful if you have a chauffeur driving you around.”

“I had one….once,” Cassie said.

“Figures,” Manny huffed. “Come on. I’ll take the shopping cart.” He grabbed the handle and their fingers brushed. For a whisper of a moment he felt something. Something sexual? Nah, can’t be.

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