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Sexy western man with hat

Every Pose You Make

“Damn, I look good.”

A thought likely uttered out loud or in one’s own head a dozen times a day. How do I know this? Because I am a lurker on social media. I scroll through dozens of feeds, and over half of them are photos of men and women posing. “Look at me!” They silently scream.

I didn’t grow up with social media. It grew around me. Many aspects are useful. I’ve found helpful videos on YouTube, from fixing a bug on my iPhone to instructions on how to clean my oven organically. On Instagram, I’ve discovered writing groups I now belong to. You get the idea social media can be useful. Sharing vacation pics with family and friends or proud parental moments—why not?

But the continual poser-beauty shots have me shaking my head and tsking. If an alien from another planet could see some of the feeds I see, I think they might wonder what all the narcissism was about.

I certainly do.

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