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Location Shooting in New York City

I am a New Yorker — pay no attention to the fact that I moved to New Jersey, we all make mistakes — there’s no place like New York.  Where else can you get a hamburger at 3am, or meet someone for a cup of coffee at midnight if you’re so inclined.  New York City has a pulse and energy that isn’t easily duplicated anywhere in the world and I love to see NY captured on film.  If you’re as much of a film and TV buff as I am, you’re probably interested in the behind the scenes as well. If you are, I invite you take the walking tours created by The New York City Mayor’s Office for Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.  These tours are free, fun, and easy to access.  Simply go their website and download the podcast and the maps and you’re on your way.

The first tour takes place in Tribeca and is narrated by actor Julianna Margulies.  Tribeca is a triangular section of the city located below Canal Street – hence the name TriBeCa (TRIangleBElowCAnal.)  The tour features the locations for Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live, Law & Order, Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Choice, Annie Hall, Mo Better Blues, City Hall, Spin City and others.   After the tour you can enjoy visiting art exhibitions, shopping, or just having a glass of something-something at any number of restaurants in the area.

Battery Park is the second tour narrated by actor Matthew Modine.  Matthew gives a brief history of the entertainment industry in NYC as well as the details on the restoration work done in the area.  You’ll be directed to several landmarks, as well as specific locations where scenes in Klute, Patterns, Wall Street, Desperately Seeking Susan, Working Girl,  Men in Black and others were shot.  You’ll also learn which film was the only one allowed to actually shoot inside City Hall.

If you’re interested in behind the scenes, or if you just love NYC as much as I do, this is a fun way to spend a crisp Fall afternoon – and for goodness sakes it’s free.

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