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Someone doesn’t want to take responsibility for a screw up so you get thrown in front the next heavy moving object.  Could be a plane, an automobile or a bus… could be a horse drawn wagon if you’re on location – it doesn’t freakin’ matter, there you go –  Splat! It’s a sound none of us EVAH gets used to.

Splat!  How can you avoid that god awful sound and the pointed fingers that go along with it while everyone else relinquishes responsibility and marks you with a large bulls-eye on your back, forehead, and anywhere else you can’t easily see without looking in a mirror.  But who has time to check whether you’re a marked man or woman – you’re too busy trying to make the production work, while someone else is just looking to place BLAME.  Splat!

Here’s what.   If you work in production, there will be mistakes.  No matter how well prepared you are – you’re typically running in crisis mode.  So, while you’re doing 1000 things right, when you do that 1001 thing wrong – own up to it.  If someone is looking to make you the next SPLAT – be prepared to either confront that person with all the WRITTEN ammunition you have –or better yet – get on with your life.  The person that threw you under the bus is a COWARD  and they don’t deserve your attention.

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