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Baseball Spits!

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When it comes to getting straight A’s in spitting, no one gets higher marks than the professional baseball player.  I’m a big baseball fan but I find it almost impossible to watch a game and eat dinner at the same time.  From the pitcher to the manager, it’s just random close ups of guys hurling balls of saliva from their mouths.  Some of them just purse their lips and spit it out, others go through various gyrations of hacking up the most gosh awful phlegmy mucous you ever saw.  EWWWW!  I can’t imagine what the floor of the dugout looks like after a game.  I can only assume that the grounds keepers hose the entire place down, because it’s got to be one big ocean of saliva.

Why is it that you never see other sportsmen spitting?  Imagine if they spit all over a basketball court?  It would be nothing but mayhem with size 14 sneakers slipping and sliding.  Or football – imagine those pros trying to hurl spit through their face masks?  Or even jockeys taking the time to spit while riding on the backs of an animal whose main objective is to fly like the wind – the back wash on that would be horrific.

So, I ask, and I really want to know – What is in the throats of most major league baseball players compelling them to hurl saliva and phlegm all over the place like it was confetti at a New Year’s Eve party?

I’m enjoying watching this World Series between the Mets and the Royals, but I make sure I’m fully fed before I turn on the game, let’s face it, watching may be fun and exciting – it just isn’t appetizing.




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