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8 Essentials a Line Producer Needs

Line Producers like to adhere to the Boy Scout Motto of “Be Prepared”. If you’ve got what you need on location or in the studio – you’re able to function quickly and get the job done. So I’ve learned over the years to carry certain items I cannot be without.

So what essentials are in my bag?

  1. Seems obvious, but I’ve had to turn around more than once because I left my phone sitting on the kitchen table. Be prepared and make sure it is with you at all times – this is your main source of communication with the world.
  2. Phone Charger for wall and car. Do not leave your home without your phone being fully charged and with a charger for the wall and the car. Just don’t. You’ll be on your phone all day– texting, making and taking calls, searching for a heart shaped birdcage the production is sure to need at the last minute. Be prepared don’t run out of juice.
  3. Paper and pen. Yeah, yeah, we live in a technological world. Everything is done on the phone or computer. But what if you’re on location and you need to leave the location owner a note, have a quick production meeting for the next day and need to take notes, make a change for the next day’s schedule, write down a very large coffee order, whatever… your thumbs just don’t move that fast and you need all the information, not half of what you can remember. Be prepared, write it down.
  4. Folding umbrella. Even if the weather report says sunny skies for the next 20 days – bring an umbrella. When has the weather report ever been truly correct? I’ve known it to say sunny and warm and the next thing you know I’m standing in the middle of a freak snowstorm. Be prepared, weather is unpredictable.
  5. A small drive. You just never know when you’ll need to do an emergency transfer of files and you won’t always be near a 24-hour Walmart.
  6. Post-it-Notes. These are very handy, because sometimes line producers just need to put notes on things. Be prepared, little notes can serve as reminders.
  7. Extra sweater or sweatshirt. You may suddenly find yourself in an unexpected frigid house, trailer, studio, etc. Be prepared, it’s draining to be cold all day.
  8. Extra socks because there is always the possibility you could; step in a puddle, turn the cooler full of melted ice on your feet, get drenched in a down pour, or any other minor calamity. There’s nothing worse than spending your day in wet socks. Be prepared, because, well, wet socks suck. (Say that fast 7 times.)

So what’s in your bag?

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