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Ever heard of the expression – grow old gracefully? There’s a certain amount of wisdom in that.

We all grow old. Perhaps with technological breakthroughs, we’ll be able to maintain our physical youth well into our eighties. That time is not yet here.

Faces sage. Bones get brittle. It takes more effort to run a marathon. Chores take longer to do. But hey—there’s an upside. By the time you reach your 60s and 70s, you are so comfortable in your own skin that it doesn’t matter if there are lines, wrinkles, and poor eyesight because you’re no longer trying to keep up with everyone else. You’re just trying to keep up with yourself.

Here’s where I’m going with this. Have you seen what Madonna has done to herself in the name of chasing the fountain of youth? And she’s not the only one—“Housewives” of….name a city—Beverly Hills, Orange County, New Jersey; these women are not just chasing the fountain of youth, they are riding the wings of jet propulsion packs to reverse the signs of aging. Lips so big they don’t fit their faces.

Anyway—back to Madonna.

She is unrecognizable. If you hadn’t told me that was her, I wouldn’t have known. But trying to turn back time on your face, instead of embracing the beauty that is about a ‘lived’ life, is sad.

I, for one, will not erase the badges of courage, defiance, joy, laughter, sorrow, enlightenment, sickness, health, celebrations, anger, desire, fulfillment, disappointment, failings, and successes that I wear on my face! I wear them proudly and this face loudly proclaims – this is ME!

Deal. With. It.

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  1. Marisa

    Totally agree. While I’m all about sun screen and moisturizers, and really who doesn’t love a wonderful facial or massage now and again, I’m not going under the knife. I’m going take a page from one of the Hepburn’s – Katherine or Audrey – and grow old gracefully.

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