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The Diplomat

The Netflix series -The Diplomat, starring Keri Russell, is a fast-paced political thriller that demands your full attention.

If you’re thinking of tuning in while you make dinner, do your nails, or balance your financial books – you might have a re-think. With each episode featuring political maneuvering and subterfuge – you’re going to want to give the story your full attention.

Keri Russell delivers a standout performance. In fact, all the women in this series are bona fide kick-ass-take-no-prisoners complex characters. Well written. Well acted.

The series ends on a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. I’m talking about a four-wheel drive dangling at the edge of a mountain cliff by one inch of tire tread on the left rear wheel.

Created by Executive Producer Debora Cahn. She was also the writer and executive producer on the Showtime series Homeland, Grey’s Anatomy, and The West Wing. The Diplomat is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys political thrillers. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Marisa

    Loved this series! A definite re-watch and fingers crossed that they renew for a second season. Interestingly enough lots of reviewers called this one a rom-com due to the relationship between the two leads. I totally disagree. While there is a push/pull romantic element and a romantic triangle, a would not call this one a rom-com.

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